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Advanced Kimya specializes in paint and coating industry with more than 10 years of experience, its aim is to support their business and contribute to their growth by providing the best quality raw materials to its customers on time.

85% of the total business volume of Advanced Kimya, which has proven itself in the field of transit trade and is one of the few companies in Turkey, consists of export sales. Advanced Kimya always works with its business partners on a basis of transparency and adopts best practices in supply chain management and logistics processes.

Continuously improving itself to provide competitive advantage to its business partners, Advanced Kimya provides sustainable service to its customers in 20 different countries in 5 continents by supplying raw materials worldwide.


We aim to be a leading raw material supplier in the paint and coating market in order to ensure that our customers reach the quality raw materials they need. Our vision is focused on helping our customers grow their businesses, providing them a competitive advantage and building a sustainable future.


Our mission is to support our customers’ business processes and increase their success by providing the highest quality raw material solutions. We work diligently to supply our customers with raw materials from reliable, certified and sustainable sources. We care about keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and establishing long-term relationships in cooperation.

Reliability, sustainability, cooperation, ethical principles and continuous growth are our core values, and in line with our vision, mission and values, we are determined to support the success of our customers and to continue our existence as a leading raw material supplier in the sector.

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