Hydroxyalkylamide(HAA) Resin

Hydroxyalkylamide (HAA) polyester resin is a polymer material used to form chemical bonds. This resin is used in applications such as coating and composite material production in various industries.

Coatings using these resins form a durable and protective layer. HAA Resin provide resistance to abrasion, scratching, chemical effects and UV rays. Therefore, they are preferred in the automotive industry, metal coatings, wood coatings and many other industrial coating applications.



Product CodePE/EpoxyAcid Value[mgKOH/g]Softening Point(°C)Tg (°C)Viscosity[MPa.s/200 °C]Curing Condition


ADC CH567195/528 – 34~110~583000 – 4000180 °C/12minBalanced properties for general purpose
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